Taylor Goes In-Depth on Commitment

Philadelphia Roman Catholic offensive lineman Manny Taylor is the latest to join the Rutgers class of 2015. Taylor is heading into his first season as varsity football player, and explained his journey and decision to Scout.com.

Manny Taylor has no varsity football experience, but he showed Rutgers coach Kyle Flood enough at the Big Man Academy to earn a scholarship offer.

Taylor, an offensive tackle from Philadelphia Roman Catholic, committed on the spot but waited to announce his decision until Monday afternoon.

"My mom can still come up there and make it to my games and whatnot," Taylor said. "They have a big year. They're moving to the Big Ten conference, and they're all just a family. I walked in the front door and I feel real comfortable."

Taylor is a 6-foot-5, 295-pound athlete with a stronger basketball background than football. With limited football experience, his physicality impressed Flood during the Big Man Academy.

"I wasn't expecting to already be committed," Taylor said. "But I let the dice roll, and I like what I've seen. … They told me that I had all of the potential for a top player. They told me I had nice length and nice athleticism from basketball. They told me I could compete."

Taylor said he enjoyed his Big Man Academy experience, and the chance to meet people so much that he was immediately ready to decide.

"I met some of the players," he said. "I met all of the staff that would be with me while I'm there. I felt real comfortable there and I told my mom that. … The coaches wanted to make sure my grades were all good, and once everything was squared away, I was officially ready."

The Big Ten played a key role in Taylor's early commitment.

"That's very important," he said. "Now we'll be playing better teams like Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan. I'm excited to be a part of it."

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