Eight Days Until The Big Ten: Road Trip Musts

Rutgers University sits eight days away from Big Ten membership, and ScarletReport.com is here to count down the days in style. A new conference means a significantly different schedule, and new road trips, and here are the Top 5.

As ScarletReport.com continues to countdown to July 1 and Rutgers becoming an official member of the Big Ten, the latest list deals with road trips.

In the first two years Rutgers is in the Big Ten, it will make road trips to the top five must-see away games, and ScarletReport.com has the list:

5. Oct. 25, 2014: at Nebraska

Skinny: A sea of red at Memorial Stadium is a site to behold, and Rutgers will see it in mid October. It seems Nebraska sold out games since the advent of television, and the Cornhuskers faithful live for the seven home games a year. The all-roads-lead-to-Lincoln is an experience to behold, and one worth taking.

4. Sept. 19, 2015: at Penn State

Skinny: It is the bane of many Rutgers fans, but there is no denying the splendor of seeing 107,000 in Happy Valley. This is the game to rent an RV, head out on Friday night and spend the night tailgating before waking up Saturday and doing some more tailgating. It's a fun college football environment, and one worth taking in.

3. Oct. 18, 2014: at Ohio State

Skinny: One of the best traditions in college football is the dotting of the "I" by the Ohio State band in the pregame. Seeing a game in the horseshoe is a memorable experience, and will serve as a pinch-me moment for any Rutgers fan lucky enough to be in attendance for the first time.

2. Oct. 31, 2015: at Wisconsin Skinny: Camp Randall is home to one of the best crowds in college football, including a loud fan base and a cool tradition. At the end of the third quarter, it's "Jump Around" time. You got it. Just like it sounds. The House of Pain tune is blared throughout the stadium and the massive student section goes wild.

1. Nov. 7, 2015: at Michigan Skinny: The Big House, and Rutgers will play in it during its second season in the Big Ten. It doesn't look as big from the outside, but walk inside Michigan Stadium and see the 110,000 seats and you'll understand why it's called The Big House. Seeing Rutgers run onto the field will bring a head shake as you try to take it all in. Yes, Rutgers is in the Big Ten. Yes, it's playing in The Big House.

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