Four Days Until The Big Ten

Rutgers University sits four days away from Big Ten membership, and is here to count down the days in style. was part of a select group to meet with Big Ten Network president Mark Silverman, and presents more from the conversation regarding Rutgers coverage.

The Big Ten Network will have plenty of Rutgers flavor when the Scarlet Knights join the conference next week, and that begins on July 1 for the membership celebration.

BTN and president Mark Silverman will be on hand at High Point Solutions Stadium where Rutgers fans and guests celebrate the transition to the Big Ten.

The initial plans were to have a Rutgers day July 2 on the network with 100 percent Scarlet Knights discussion and highlights. That day remains in the plans, but will be delayed.

"We're working to try and accumulate Rutgers inventory," Silverman said. "I think it's going to take us probably toward the later part of the summer to get access and integrate the Rutgers Louisville game, the bowl victories, stuff like that. We will have that on the network at some point this summer … same with Maryland."

The first significant Rutgers moment comes to the Big Ten Network Sept.13 when the station goes live at High Point Solutions Stadium prior to kickoff against Penn State.

Looking to create a game-day like feel, fans can expect special guests and the studio hosts set up on campus.

"It's really the first time we've ever done that," Silverman said. "In our seven years, we've never brought our primary studio group to a field to kind of take advantage of that buzz. We really think that game in particular is going to create a lot of excitement in the area. We want our guys who cover it to feel that, talk about it. We'll have a lot of guests that we are working on that we'll let you know in due time."

During the big Rutgers run in 2006, the buzz created in New York caught many eyes in the television business. Silverman and the Big Ten Network hope that buzz continues in a new conference.

"The ratings that Rutgers generated were massive ratings," Silverman said. "There's a proven track record that people will jump onboard to support a winning Rutgers football program. Coming out of the level of high school football in this state is definitely among the top tier states of high school talent. I think we all believe that Rutgers will be able to improve and become extremely competitive, maybe not right away but hopefully in short order."

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