Two Days Until The Big Ten

Rutgers University sits two days away from Big Ten membership, and is here to count down the days in style. was part of a select group to meet with Big Ten Network president Mark Silverman, and presents the conclusion of the conversation regarding Rutgers coverage.

Rutgers will not have its facilities ready for the Big Ten Network when sports begin this fall. Excluding High Point Solutions Stadium, the RAC and Yurcak Field, fall sports will be unavailable to the Big Ten Network in 2013.

For BTN president Mark Silverman, that is no need to worry. In fact, it is expected.

"When we launched, many of our schools were the same way," Silverman said during a luncheon this week with select media. "It's just that we've had seven years to help them. There are still certain schools, I'm not going to go into specifics, that we can't do certain events on still to this day – seven years later. It's just very normal when you weren't have events televised on your baseball field, your soccer field, or field hockey or anything."

Bainton Field, the RU Softball Complex, the Livingston Gym and the College Ave Gym are the most significant venues in need of upgrades for the BTN. The changes are not drastic, but necessary for broadcasting live events.

"It's not like we're talking about reconstructing some building or anything like that," Silverman said. "It's really more other types of things. There's a plan in place."

The RAC will be the most frequently visited venue in Piscataway for the Big Ten Network. Rutgers wrestling can also take advantage of the basketball arena in 2014 and 2015 with a serious Big Ten schedule.

"I know there was some basketball work we wanted to try to work with," Silverman said. "We're going to show more games at the RAC than anything else – men's basketball, women's basketball, some events may be moved there that were previously at other locations."

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