Q&A with R Quanzell Lambert

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Sophomore Quanzell Lambert is in the head of a position battle with David Milewski for the starting R position spot with the Scarlet Knights. Lambert, a converted linebacker, sat down with ScarletReport.com to discuss his second season on the defensive line, training camp goals and more.

ScarletReport.com. -- How’s the first week of camp going for you?

Quanzell Lambert – “It’s going well. I’m getting back into my football swing after I missed some time in the spring. It’s good to be back out here and being able to compete with my teammates. I’m looking forward to the season.”

SR.com -- Are you completely in the mindset of a defensive end now?

QL -- “Most definitely. It doesn’t matter what position I’m at. I’m totally in that mindset. That’s just a part of football with the position changes and everything.”

SR.com -- What was the biggest change for you playing at defensive end?

QL -- “It wasn’t too different because a lot of the techniques are the same as when you’re at linebacker. You are a lot more hands on and involved in everything. You’re using your hands and everything a lot more than a linebacker would.”

SR.com -- What about getting bigger and stronger? Was that a lot of work or did it come naturally?

QL -- “With the strength and conditioning staff, it’s no problem. They’re going to put the weight on you. They’re going to get you stronger. We really don’t have any problems with that.”

SR.com -- What are you weight right now?

QL -- “Right about 250.”

SR.com -- Is that your goal?

QL -- “That’s just my weight right now. I’m out here competing. I’m looking to slowly build into it so I have the muscle memory. I don’t want to get too heavy and not be able to move. As I’m playing, I want to continue gaining weight and getting stronger.”

SR.com -- What’s it like for you to kind of battle against David Milewski all day for playing time?

QL -- “It’s definitely a blessing. That’s what we want to do out here – compete. We’re pushing each other. At the end of the day, we’re both going to play a lot and it doesn’t matter who wins the starting spot. The guy behind him is still going to do what he has to do and see a lot of time. At the end of the day, we compete against each other as hard as we can because we want to know the guy behind us is reliable. It’s a battle.”

SR.com -- How much does Milewski’s experience help you in meetings?

QL -- “He’s tremendous. He even helps the coaches – honest to God. He’s just tremendous and he knows the calls and everything. He knows the playbook like the back of his hand from defensive tackle to safety. That rolls over to all of the other R’s and everything because we all look up to him and try to build our knowledge like he does.”

SR.com -- How would you explain the R position to a casual fan or maybe a high-school prospect you’re recruiting?

QL -- “It’s one of the most important positions on the field. We have pass coverage, rush coverage, everything like that. We have a lot of assignments and check downs. You have to come prepared every day. So much depends on you in the run game and the pass game that you can’t afford any mistakes. It’s not like any other position. A mistake is never OK because that ball is bouncing out for 30 yards if you don’t set the edge.”

SR.com -- How desirable of a position is the R position?

QL -- “Very much. It’s fun. Look at guys like Ka’lial Glaud that did it really well. It’s definitely a position that the NFL looks at. It’s a fun position, and you have a lot of responsibilities”.

SR.com -- What was it like to have Justin Francis drop by the Hale Center a few times this week?

QL -- “It was wonderful. He had huge energy when he was a player here. He knows what we’re going into and we thank him for spending a little time around us. Not a lot of guys in the country are going to come back to their school like that to help out. A guy like J-Fran, we all love him. He knows he’s still a part of our family.”

SR.com -- Who started the Quanzilla nickname?

QL -- “That was [former receivers coach P.J.] Fleck when he was recruiting me. I like it.”

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