Q&A with WR Coach Ben McDaniels

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- ScarletReport.com sat down with new wide receivers coach Ben McDaniels during training camp to talk about his first six months on the job and getting ready for the 2014 season.

ScarletReport.com -- What has the Rutgers experience been like for you so far?

Ben McDaniels -- “Everything’s been great. I knew who I was coming to work for when I took the job and I was excited about it. It’s been exactly what I thought it was. I’m working for a great guy, and I’m excited to start the season.”

SR.com -- What made you want to come to Rutgers?

McDaniels -- “It’s a lot of things. I think, as a coach, you want to work at the highest level. You want to compete at the highest level. I don’t think there’s any question that this is as high as it gets. I had an opportunity to come coach at a great program, a great university. Combine that with the fact that I have a lot of respect for Kyle Flood, and how he cares about his program. It’s a family atmosphere. I have a family of my own. I have a little girl that’s 16 months old. That’s an aspect of my life that I was excited about. Combine that with the fact that coach [Ralph] Friedgen is here as well. I’m excited to come work with him, and his experience, and to continue to learn from somebody with that kind of experience.”

SR.com -- What do you think about the wide receivers you have in this program?

McDaniels -- “Absolutely exciting. I’m excited about all of the guys that I have in my receiver group. I have a whole group. They compete. They work the right way in the meeting rooms and come out to practice and want to get better.”

SR.com -- What are your thoughts on them so far through the spring and the first half of training camp?

McDaniels -- “We’re making progress. That’s all I can ask for. They’ve gotten better on a daily basis, and that’s all I’m asking them to do. I’m asking them to learn the game both physically and mentally. I’m challenging them that way, and they’re taking on that challenge.”

SR.com -- Where does your NFL experience help you out the most at the college level?

McDaniels -- “It helps my ability to evaluate what I’m looking at. I know what I’m trying to get them to accomplish and the level to which I am trying to get them to play. When you coach in the NFL, you’re watching and coaching the best players in the world at this sport. I think that’s definitely one thing that’s helped my perspective on what I’m trying to get out of them. I know what that really looks like.”

SR.com -- What about recruiting? What is it like to add that as a responsibility?

McDaniels -- “I wouldn’t say it’s an adjustment. When you’re coaching college football, it’s a significant part of your job. I’ve enjoyed it.”

SR.com -- What do you like about it?

McDaniels -- “I like the relationships that you get an opportunity to build with the kids and the families that you have no past with and no relationship with. From start to finish, you continue to build that relationship, and I’ve enjoyed that thus far.”

SR.com -- Rutgers has a need for receivers in the next two classes. Do you like getting to see a bunch of different guys?

McDaniels -- “It’s exciting. As a recruiter, I get an opportunity to recruit every position but obviously my eyes are on every receiver. I’m recruiting every receiver that we’re recruiting, so I’ve seen a lot of guys.”

SR.com -- How much does it help your receivers to have such an experience quarterback?

McDaniels -- “I think it’s valuable. I would think he’s using that to his advantage. There’s a lot of value there in the snaps that he has under his belt. He can use that and pull from his past experiences to help our whole football team – not just the receivers.”

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