1-on-1 with Captain Michael Burton

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- If Rutgers coach Kyle Flood could build a football player from the ground up, it would be Michael Burton. Flood made the previous comment after a stellar oepnning game by Burton, who spoke with ScarletReport.com about beating Washington State and moving ahead to Howard and the home opener.

Coach Kyle Flood thinks very highly of fullback and team captain Michael Burton. The Rutgers football coach offered a major compliment Monday during his weekly press conference.

" If you were building a football player, would you build Michael Burton," Flood said. " You'd love to build a hundred of him, because everything he does, he does it to the best of his ability. Tremendous work ethic. Really smart football player. Has always been a great leader by example and now he's grown into being a little bit more of a vocal leader as he's gotten older in the program. He's got a tremendous skill set for a fullback."

Burton played a big role in the 41-38 Rutgers victory over Washington State. He broke down the win, Flood's compliments and the focus on Howard.

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