Tuesday Practice Report: Position Change

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Tuesday of game week added more attention for Rutgers heading into Penn State and Saturday night. Rutgers coach Kyle Flood talked about the latest after practice, including a position change and injury update.

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood kept his players focused on practice and Penn State throughout the morning, and discussed Tuesday’s practice with the media after its conclusion.

The Headline -- Rutgers is well removed from the Ray Rice news, and put the situation behind itself to focus on Penn State after Flood addressed the situation Monday. With that, Rutgers may add an offensive weapon to the equation Saturday in Justin Goodwin.

Flood moved Goodwin back to running back from corner for this week, saying it is the best place for him to help on a short week if cleared for action. Goodwin remains questionable for kickoff.

“I felt that if he was going to be able to help us this week on a short week, that we would use him on offense,” Flood said. “… I don’t know that anything is permanent. We’ll go week to week and right now we’re focused on 1-0 this Saturday night.”

Worth Noting -- Flood updated backup tight end Nick Arcidiacono to questionable for this week. Adding Arcidiacono gives Rutgers some much-needed depth at the position ahead of walk-ons Matt Flanagan and Charles Scarff if cleared for action.”

Quote of the Day -- “It’s impossible to get distracted from this game. I’m probably the most locked in I’ve ever been before a game. Personally, I am. I’m really excited for this week.” – Freshman defensive tackle Sebastian Joseph.

On the Other Side -- Will Penn State’s lifted sanctions become a distraction or motivation for James Franklin and company this Saturday? The game picks up increased meaning for the Nittany Lions with a bowl game now possible. How will the big news affect the mindset within PSU’s locker room?.

The sanction discussions are heavy on Scout.com’s Penn State affiliate over here.

Now sit back and take in Flood’s press conference.

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