Q&A with RB Paul James

Rutgers running back Paul James with 1-on-1 with ScarletReport.com to talk about moving forward from an ugly loss and stepping up in the running game after struggles against Penn State.

ScarletReport.com -- Do you see the running game bouncing back this week?

Junior running back Paul James -- “Yeah, we have to. We have to get the running game going to help out the passing game. I think both aspects go together. I feel like if we can’t get the running game going, it affects the whole offense.”

SR.com -- Why couldn’t you guys get it going against Penn State?

PJ -- “Give credit to them because they’re a very good team, but I thought we needed to execute better. We have to watch the film and do what we can to correct it. We have to run well to pass and pass well to run the ball.”

SR.com -- Are you worried about a hangover emotionally?

PJ -- “No. Definitely not.”

SR.com -- What makes you say that?

PJ -- “We’re already over it. We have great leaders on this team and our coaches are keeping us focused on trying to go 1-0 against Navy. Focus isn’t an issue for us because we know how good Navy is. You just want to get right back onto the field and play again.”

SR.com -- How does getting Justin Goodwin back at running back change things for you guys?

PJ -- “It gives us another weapon. We all have different styles, and we’re all able to make plays. Me and Justin and Desmon [Peoples] and [Michael] Burton are all just going out there to make plays.”

SR.com -- What makes you feel confident in Gary Nova to bounce back?

PJ -- “Gary’s our leader. He’s won a lot of games for us and we see how hard he works in practice. He’s always talking. He’s always trying to get us fired up.

SR.com -- How eager were you to get back out at practice and get back to work?

PJ -- “It’s always tough after a loss. You want to get right back out there and make corrections from the film.”

SR.com -- How has the energy been?

PJ -- “I feel like the energy level has been right where we wanted it. We’re focused.”

SR.com -- What have you said to younger guys about preparing for Navy?

PJ -- “The last game is in the past, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Just make the corrections on film and get ready for Navy because they’re going to come after us.”

SR.com -- How important is it to start strong against Navy in the running game?

PJ -- “It’s really important. That’s one of our strongest points, so we have to work hard on it in practice.”

SR.com -- What have you seen from Navy on film?

PJ -- “They’re a good defense. They have some good athletes, and they do a good job swarming to the football. They’re just a good overall team.”

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