CoachSpeak: Scouting Mohamed Jabbie

Monmouth Junction (N.J.) South Brunswick head coach Joe Goerge has experience in sending players to Rutgers, and 2016 wide receiver Mohamed Jabbie became next in line Monday night by verbally committing. Goerge broke down what Rutgers is getting in Jabbie during a conversation with

Mohamed Jabbie checks in at 6-foot-1, 165 pounds at this point in his junior year, but he is going to look a lot more like his uncle Mohamed Sanu by the time he graduates.

Still growing into his body, Jabbie has the tools to give Rutgers a similar look starting in 2016, said his high school coach.

“I think there are a lot of similarities,” said South Brunswick coach Joe Goerge. “Mo Sanu has obviously developed into an NFL pro and a great one. I see the same aspects when I look at Mo Jabbie in some ways. I think he will benefit great from his relationship with Mo Sanu. Mo Jabbie will work as hard at it. He’ll be 180, 190 pounds next year and become physically, a specimen.”

Goerge was not at South Brunswick during Sanu’s reign, but has plenty of experience coaching Rutgers prospects. Goerge coached cornerback Anthony Cioffi at Springfield (N.J.) Dayton before moving on to South Brunswick.

He led a roster including T.J. Taylor and Bryan Stonkus to a state title at High Point Solutions Stadium.

“Now with Mo going up there, that’s four guys I’ve seen go there,” Goerge said. “I’ve been close with Kyle [Flood] for a long, long time and I think he’s doing a great job up there all the way around. On the field, off the field, he’s doing a great job.

“I think it’s a great decision. I’ve always felt that Rutgers would be great for him, especially with his family. It’s a great opportunity. They’re having a great season, and I think they have something going forward that’s building. He’s had a strong interest in them right from the outset with his uncle there.”

Jabbie plays both receiver and cornerback for South Brunswick, which runs a run-heavy offense.

“He will do whatever he has to do to continue to improve and continue to work,” Goerge said. “He’s a top player for us and a top leader for us. He’s going to work 100 percent every day. I think his potential is unlimited as he finishes his junior season and gets ready to move forward.”

Flood offered Jabbie during a summer skills camp. The offer came down in Flood’s office alongside Sanu. Rutgers likes Jabbie as a receiver, but he could get a look on both sides of the ball like his uncle did.

“The one thing he does is he runs a great route,” Goerge said. “He just has a mental toughness and quickness. He’s a student of the game and he’s very intelligent. All of those factors, I think that helps him immensely and it will continue to succeed before he even steps on a college field. He’s going to have some great things ahead of him.”

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