Flood: Local Sayreville Hazing "Inexcusable"

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Rutgers sits just 20 minutes from Sayreville, N.J., where a hazing scandal continues to rock the community. Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood has three former Sayreville players on his roster, and reacted strongly to the situation during his Monday morning press conference.

As more details come out from Parlin (N.J.) Sayreville War Memorial High School regarding its hazing scandal in the football locker room, anti-bullying campaigns strengthen in response.

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood has three former Sayreville players in his locker room in defensive end David Milewski, defensive tackle Daryl Stephenson and cornerback Delon Stephenson. He spoke out strongly against hazing when asked during his Monday press conference.

“I don't have all the information, I do have the common knowledge of what's been reported and to me what's been reported is inexcusable,” Flood said.

“There's no place for it; there's no place for it in society, there's no place for it on a football team, in a locker room. As a parent, what you want for your children is for them to feel safe when they're not with you and that obviously was not the case. And as the head football coach, ultimately you end up being responsible for everything that happens within your program.”

Watch Flood react to Sayreville’s hazing situation on video.

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