10 in 10: Rutgers at No. 16 Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb. – ScarletReport.com's post-game package goes much deeper than the stats and the nuts and bolts of the game. The "10 in 10" feature gives Rutgers fans 10 not-so-noticeable notes that each can be read in 10 seconds or less. The breezy format is perfect for office water-cooler talk the day after a game.

As part of ScarletReport.com's media day coverage, the "10 in 10" segment gives you 10 not-so-noticeable things that took place during Saturday’s road trip to Nebraska.

It is designed for each of the 10 quick-hitters to be read in 10 seconds or less. Here are the 10 from Memorial Stadium

1. Captain Down -- Head coach Kyle Flood is not afraid to gamble, but his big bet before halftime crashed and burned. The book says run out the clock, especially against a defensive line that dominated all half, but he went shotgun from the 2-yard line instead. The fourth snap of the drive was the final play of the day for Gary Nova.

2. Grading Laviano -- Give backup quarterback Chris Laviano a thumbs up for Saturday, especially when factoring in his miniscule in-game experience. The play-calling protected him, and he did well when on the move. Laviano missed big-play chances with inconsistent accuracy, however, and blitz pickup became an issue after the substitution.

3. Ready for Gregory -- Nova handled the pressure perfectly on Leonte Carroo’s 71-yard touchdown. Fullback Michael Burton missed a block in the backfield, but gave Nova enough time to escape and hit Carroo in stride.

4. Messy Start -- The first defensive appearance for Rutgers came filled with issues. They blew two chances to get off the field with a penalty by Kenneth Kirksey and a third-down mis-match with linebacker Steve Longa covering receiver Alonzo Moore. Closing speed was a clear issue on Armstong’s touchdown scramble.

5. Accuracy Off -- Nova began inaccurate, which put Rutgers in an early offensive hole. Nova overthrew a double-covered Carroo on his interception. He could have had two others in the first quarter on shaky throws to Andrew Turzilli. Accuracy was just as much of an issue for Tommy Armstrong Jr., who helped Rutgers force punts with poor passes.

6. Muddy Waters -- Rutgers had players in position to stop Ameer Abdullah on his 53-yard run in the second quarter, but the talented tailback simply out-executed safety Lorenzo Waters in space. The block-in-the-back questions, however, are valid. Closing speed was an issue for all at the second level.

7. Martin’s Shot -- Flood gave freshman Robert Martin his first real opportunity during the second quarter. His first run was a smooth four-yarder, but Martin did not return after Gregory beat right tackle Taj Alexander at the line of scrimmage.

8. The Deli Delivers -- Cornerback Anthony Cioffi single-handedly changed the field position story in the second quarter. Cioffi closed instantly for a solo tackle on dynamic punt returner De’Mornay Pierson-El as the gunner. He sped down the sidelines two minutes later to ensure that Tim Gleeson’s goal-line punt did not become a touchback. His first career interception was a cakewalk.

9. Lingering Longa -- The struggles continued for Longa in coverage. Longa matched up against receivers multiple times in key coverage spots and could not keep up. Longa gave up two third-down conversions in the first half while covering receivers, and the touchdown pass to Jordan Westercamp.

10. Nebraska Adjusts -- Coach Bo Pelini saw quickly that single coverage was not the answer for Carroo. The Rutgers junior beat single coverage for 18 yards on the third play of the game. The Huskers added safety help the rest of the afternoon, and Carroo’s opportunities disappeared after his broken-play touchdown.

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