The Other Side: Scouting Indiana publisher Terry Hutchens stopped by to break down the latest with Indiana football. Battling a similar losing streak to that of the Scarlet Knights, Indiana brings one of the nation's premiere rushers to New Jersey in Tevin Coleman. Hutchens offers insights on the changing Indiana offense and more during our weekly five questions segment.

1.) How is the morale around the Indiana program right now?

Terry Hutchens -- "I'm sure some people are disappointed because they really believed they had a realistic shot at getting to a bowl game this year if their big guns had stayed healthy. Unfortunately, that didn't work out with Nate Sudfeld in particular and things have been disappointing. What you also have to remember though, when putting things in context here, is that IU football fans do not have the expectation of making bowl games. They've been promised improvement forever and some years they get it and others not so much.

But since 1994, Indiana football has only played two football games after Dec. 1. That happened in 2001 and 2007 which is kind of a tricky answer to a trivia question on IU football. The 2007 game was an Insight Bowl appearance in the season after IU head coach Terry Hoeppner had died of brain cancer while still the IU coach in June of 2007. The 2001 game was a regular season game against Kentucky that was postponed to December because of 9/11. So while the season has been a disappointment, it's not a huge deal by any stretch. IU fans think basketball first, football second.''

2.) How much did the offense have to change with Zander Diamont now at quarterback? What is your scouting report on Diamont so far?

TH -- "The offense changes a lot because Sudfeld had a pretty good stable of receivers that he liked to mix it up and spread the wealth with. With Diamont, there has been such little of a passing attack that IU has really become reliant on the run. Some are designed runs to Tevin Coleman and others are plays where Diamont opts to take off and run. As far as a scouting report on Diamont, I think after having played three games (Michigan State, Michigan and Penn State) the game is starting to slow down a little bit for him.

Early on he just didn't have the confidence and things were happening too fast. He looked better Saturday against Penn State but you still didn't have the feeling that he was going to lead the offense on any long, sustained drives. He has a long way to go and I would be surprised if he just suddenly gets it all together this weekend at Rutgers.''

3.) What did Penn State to do shut down Tevin Coleman and make things so difficult last week?

TH -- "They basically were daring Zander Diamont to beat them which has been the basic strategy of everyone that has played IU since Sudfeld was injured against Iowa. Penn State loaded the box and limited Coleman from having any big runs. That has been his game. He always breaks big 20, 30 or 40 yard plus runs. The last two weeks he hasn't been able to do that. I don't think he has had a run over 17 yards the last two weeks. But that's basically it. They took away Coleman and were pretty sure Diamont and company couldn't beat them. And they were right. IU scored seven points and that was on a pick six by Mark Murphy. The Indiana offense, under Diamont, in the last 10 quarters has managed just one touchdown.''

4.) Tevin Coleman has had a great season. What has he done to already be over 1,500 total yards?

TH -- "Tevin is just a big play that is always waiting to happen. He has broken so many big runs the last few years. Many people think he's the most talented back Indiana has had since Anthony Thompson in the late 1980s. Vaughn Dunbar was another solid IU back but Coleman potentially could break Dunbar's school record of 1,800 yards rushing in the next three games. He nearly has 1,400 yards. The key with Coleman is that you may stop him 9 times for 12 yards and then he'll break a 75-yarder out of the blue. He just wears people down and then seems to find seams and some big yardage. IU's offensive line deserves some credit, too. They've had quite a few injuries up front but they are so deep at each position that it hasn't been a problem.''

5.) What are your keys to an Indiana victory?

TH -- "Number one, Zander Diamont needs to establish some semblance of a passing game so that the defense is not allowed to put seven in the box and take Coleman completely away. Number two, the IU defense needs to put pressure on the quarterback like it did against Penn State when it posted five sacks and also got two interceptions. Those have not been normal numbers for the defense this year and they probably took advantage of a beat up Penn State line. But pressure and turnovers are keys there, too.

And finally, Tevin Coleman needs to find the end zone a few times. Indiana's offense hasn't been scoring and its best option to do so is Coleman. One other thing to take into account is that Kevin Wilson's Indiana teams have only won one Big Ten road game since he's been the head coach. That was at Illinois. And so it's a tall order expecting IU to go on the road and get a W.''

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