Q&A with Rutgers CB Gareef Glashen

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Senior Gareef Glashen adds more responsibility as Rutgers' top cornerback following the injury to Nadir Barnwell. Glashen, projected to start alongside sophomore Anthony Cioffi, spoke 1-on-1 with Scout about the changes in the secondary and the supreme challenge presented by No. 10 Michigan State on the road.

Scarlet Report -- How do you like the cold?

Cornerback Gareef Glashen -- “I don’t like it.”

SR -- Do you find it important to get ready for it now? It’s coming on Saturday.

GG -- “Yeah, it’s big for us to be ready for this kind of atmosphere.”

SR -- How used to it are you after four years in New Jersey?

GG -- “I don’t think you can ever get used to it. You just need toughness and we definitely have that as a team.”

SR -- What have you seen from Michigan State’s offense and quarterback Connor Cook?

GG -- “They run a lot of formations that we have to be ready to see. They’ve got a very good quarterback. They’re receivers are good and they have talented running back. They’re a very balanced offense, so they can attack from multiple ways.”

SR -- Why do you think the pass defense is improved from last season?

GG -- “I just think that a lot of teams are running the ball first. They’ve been running the ball to set up the pass, and we’ve been ready for the pass. We’ve got great coaches in coach [Darrell] Wilson and coach [Joe] Rossi. We’ve been on top of our game. We want to come out there and be better every week.”

SR -- Bubble screens and outside runs were trouble for you guys last year. Have you seen the cornerbacks improve in that area.”

GG -- “I think we’re pretty good. We can always do better, but I see progress.”

SR -- Is it going to be tougher with you probably missing Nadir Barnwell out there this week?

GG -- “He’s a great part of our defense. He’s a good player, but I’m confident in what we have. [Anthony] Cioffi is very good also. Dre Boggs is getting better. We’ve got a lot of corners that want to play. When a man goes down, you step up.”

SR -- Dre Boggs hasn’t been as involved with some injury problems over the last month. What have you seen from him?

GG -- “He’s a freshman and he’s playing, so I respect that. He’s very aggressive. He’s a good player. He’s good all around. He’s going to help us this week.”

SR -- Home games are over for you. Does that change your focus for the last part of the season?

GG -- “I’m focused only on this week. We want to get this win. Yeah, we’re underdogs. This is a quality team. We’re going to go out there and fight for a win. It would be great for our team and our program. That’s where my focus is.”

SR -- Individually, how proud are you of your personal improvements as a senior?

GG -- “I always knew I was a good player, but I just had to put it all together. I think that’s the key to a lot of cornerbacks. You just have to be hungry with the details and want to win. You have to stay on top of your game at all times. I know what it takes, and I’m always working toward it. I’m happy to see the results paying off.”

SR -- Is that something you can teach the younger guys?

GG -- “Of course. Work ethic is something veterans have to [teach]. I learned a lot from guys like Brandon Jones, Logan Ryan, Lorenzo Waters. You have to watch film. Watch tons of film and study it. … You have to take care of your body.”

SR -- What can you learn from the Ohio State and Nebraska losses heading back on the road?

GG -- “We have to start faster and just be ready to play. We have a good team. Just be on our assignments and avoid mistakes and execute.”

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