Gopre Back in New Jersey

Linebacker Sidney Gopre is home from his semester of prep school at New Berlin (N.Y.) Milford Academy with coursework complete. The long-time Rutgers commit updated his enrollment status with Scarlet Report after a recent in-home visit with defensive coordinator Joe Rossi.

Sidney Gopre is back in New Jersey after a valuable three months at New Berlin (N.Y.) Milford Academy, and Rutgers is next.

Gopre successfully completed his coursework at Milford, and discussed the final steps needed for eligibility during an in-home visit this week with defensive coordinator Joe Rossi.

“Coach Rossi told me to sign up for the application again, but I’m done with all of my stuff with Milford,” Gopre said. “He said I did a good job, and I’m waiting for the final word.”

Rossi initially recruited Gopre to Rutgers as a class of 2015 prospect.

“It was good to see him again,” Gopre said. “We were talking a little bit and catching up. He was just telling me about my official visit. He’s going to talk to my coach and give me word on when I’m getting down there.”

Milford received a thank you from Gopre for help in the next step. Deemed ineligible before training camp in the summer, Gopre enrolled at Milford in late August.

“I learned how to balance things,” Gopre said. “I learned how to handle football and school much better. They taught me certain techniques to do with my schoolwork.”

As much as Milford helped Gopre, the standout linebacker did the same on the field. A three-time Defensive Player of the Game in nine starts, Gopre logged 16 TFLs, nine sacks and forced five fumbles.

That includes a three-sack, three-forced fumble showing in Princeton with Rutgers coach Kyle Flood on the sidelines.

“I’m excited that the next time I put on the pads it’s as a Scarlet Knight,” Gopre said. “I’m ready to run around at the next level. I can bring them a pretty decent spark. I’m going to work hard and make some big plays.”

Gopre’s December, back at home in Newark, marks time for well-deserved rest.

“Everything is going pretty much good,” he said. “I’m at home finally relaxing a little bit. I’m just spending some time with my family and getting ready for Christmas. It was a good experience up there, but I’m not going to lie. It’s great to be home.”

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