TCU Receiver Eyes Rutgers Transfer

Former Scout four-star receiver Cameron White announced on social media that he intends to transfer to Rutgers for his final year of eligibility. Though the move is not official, Scout spoke with DeSoto (Texas) coach Todd Peterman about White and the potential move from TCU to Rutgers.

Rutgers succeeded with a Big XII receiver transfer in 2014, and could do the same this season.

TCU receiver Cameron White, who graduates this spring, announced his intentions to transfer to Rutgers Friday afternoon and told Scout he awaits a conversation with coach Kyle Flood before the move gets done.

White is not yet committed to Rutgers, but would be a solid addition to the program, said his high school offensive coordinator.

“Cameron is an exceptional receiver,” said Todd Peterman, who is now the head coach at DeSoto (Texas). “He’s athletic. He’s smart. He’s got a high football IQ. He’s a great kid that other people want to be around.”

White was a Scout four-star prospect out of high school, and caught 45 passes for 546 yards and two touchdowns in four years at TCU. He missed his senior season with concussion problems, and hopes to play at Rutgers for his final year of eligibility.

“Cameron is one of the unique kind of kids because he has such size and speed,” Peterman said. “He’s a kid you can plug into the slot or split out wide. He’s physical. He’s an incredible blocker. He’s a unique guy. He can play outside, inside.”

White has experience in big-time football and high-pressure situations as a receiver for the Horned Frogs – something Rutgers looks to add in year two of the Big Ten.

“Cameron is not going to be scared or in awe of things,” Peterman said. “He’s got that type of personality. It’s fortunate that he’s got a chance to overcome those injuries.”

Should Rutgers add White, it helps the Scarlet Knights in further recruiting Texas, Peterman said. Rutgers has one Texas player on the roster in tight end Logan Lister, and has been more aggressive in the state over the last two years.

“Rutgers has made a push down here and recruited here in the last couple of years,” Peterman said. “Our kids travel. Sam Ajala is at Fordham in that area. … It well help if they’re getting Cameron. All of our guys don’t necessarily go to (Texas) A&M, TCU or Texas. We travel.”

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