Glashen Readies for NFL

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Former Rutgers cornerback Gareef Glashen showed significant improvement as a senior, and hopes that his film and solid pro day showing gives him more NFL opportunities heading into April.

After Gareef Glashen showed significant improvement as a senior, the former Rutgers cornerback is hard at work with NFL aspirations.

Glashen stepped up as Rutgers’ top corner during its inaugural Big Ten season, and is in training mode for the next step.

“It’s crazy to think about this process,” Glashen said. “From recruiting out of Florida to where I am, it’s crazy to look back at where I was compared to now. I’ve been loving it. I’m enjoying everything and soaking it all in. I know I learned the right things to help me transition into the NFL.”

Glashen spoke with multiple teams during his pro day appearance last week. The 5-foot-9, 177-pound cornerback clocked a 4.53 40-yard dash time and 22 bench press reps. He has a workout scheduled with his hometown team – the Miami Dolphins – as a result.

“The whole process is exciting, especially with the Dolphins,” Glashen said. “I’m going to go out there and showcase everything that I’ve learned. My goal was just to have fun. My goal was to go out and play football and just follow my training. I wasn’t stressed at pro day.”

When it comes to stress, and more importantly flexibility, Glashen still relies on his new yoga hobby.

“It’s been great,” Glashen said. “It helped me this season, and I’m sticking with it. Being a cornerback, it’s great for your flexibility and opening up your hips. … I’ve talked to other guys hoping they try it too.”

Glashen said five years in the Rutgers conditioning program, including three under Jeremy Cole’s tutelage, helped him improve significantly.

“It all started from the offseason working with coach Cole,” he said. “The practices prepare you. That’s just a fact. We go high tempo at Rutgers. That’s what helps.”

Glashen said he appreciates advice from other Rutgers cornerbacks in the NFL, including Logan Ryan and Marcus Cooper.

“We talk here and there,” he said. “They know that I know what it takes already. We’ll meet each other at the top through the grind. Logan and Brandon Jones and Marcus Cooper, they’ve just taught me a lot. It was great following them through Rutgers and I’ll see them again soon.”

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