Pinnix-Odrick Breaks Down Move Inside

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Junior Julian Pinnix-Odrick has a new position and growing confidence at the midway point in Rutgers spring practice. The converted defensive end spoke 1-on-1 with Scout this week about his move to the three-technique and role alongside team captain Darius Hamilton.

In a rotational system like the Rutgers defensive line, Julian Pinnix-Odrick’s move behind Darius Hamilton at the three-technique should not be looked at as a demotion.

A bigger Pinnix-Odrick – at 6-foot-5 and pushing 270 – fits best on the inside and explained why during the midway point in spring practice.

“You’ve got a little less space,” Pinnix-Odrick said. “You’ve got a couple more people hitting you at once. It’s a strength thing. You’ve got to know how to use your leverage and know how to use your hands well. For the most part, it’s football. You’ve got to be able to stick in there.”

The former Montclair (N.J.) star worked inside in pass-rushing situations last season, which made the transition an easy one.

“It helped a lot,” he said. “It helped seeing the offense from that type of perspective. Some teams ran on third down and different things. For the most part, all of our stunts are similar for every position, so [defensive line coach Jim Panagos] tries to keep it really consistent. That way, it’s easy to move around.”

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