Rutgers Adds New Blood for Summer Workouts

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood spoke with Scout about the newly enrolled players for summer academic work and training, including the addition of four-star defensive end Marques Ford.

Rutgers players reported for summer activities Tuesday morning with some new faces in the mix for coach Kyle Flood. The newest wave of 2015 prospects joined the program in addition to returning players for the first of three summer sessions at Rutgers.

“For the players that are able to come in for summer session one with the rest of the team, I think it’s an advantage,” Flood said. “I don’t think it’s the ultimate be-all, end-all for a player but it gives them four more weeks to train with our strength coaches and the rest of the team. For certain players, it gives them the chance to see the field faster.”

Flood on Marques Ford -- “We’re really excited about Marques as a pass rusher. Now we’re going to have to evaluate him as we go through training camp and see how he fits in. He’s coming off of surgery, so the most important thing is that we’re doing everything we can for him. As we go forward, if Marques can help us as a true freshman, he’s going to get an opportunity to show us that.”

Flood on Rashad Blunt -- “Rashad Blunt is at a position where we’re going to play a lot of players. He has a chance to come in and make an early impact with our program.”

Flood on Jarius Adams -- “I would put him in the same category as Rashad with his impact. He’s a defensive back that we’re really excited about. He’s someone that we recruited from the very beginning. For all of these freshmen, he’s in that category to show if he can contribute early and show if he can get an opportunity on the field.”

Flood on Trevor Morris -- “Trevor Morris comes into the program at a position where we really need depth. He’s going to have an immediate opportunity to show us if he can provide that depth.”

Flood on Anthony Folkerts -- “Folkerts is at a position where we have quite a bit of depth. As we evaluate him through the summer and training camp, we’ll really have to see where he fits. We’re excited to have him.”

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