Camp Flashback: 2015's Stand Out, Earn Offers

Rutgers had plenty of recruiting targets before its camp season began last year, but many earned their way to offers based on what they did in June of 2015 on the Piscataway fields. Scout looks back at five 2015 prospects that paved their way to Rutgers through camps.

Rutgers has its first wave of targets identified for the 2016 class, but opportunities aplenty await those at the upcoming camps in Piscataway.

Camp 2016 kicks off Friday night at the first skills camp, so it is time to look back at the five who made names for themselves at last year’s events.

5. Cornerback Jarius Adams -- If not for a visit during camp season, Adams does not end up at Rutgers. The late-emerging cornerback did not technically camp last year, but he earned an offer in front of coaches on his visit. That visit stuck with Adams until his summer commitment, and it kept him committed when Michigan and Wisconsin came calling.

4. Quarterback Michael Dare -- Dare earned his offer, and quickly committed, at the last full-day camp at Rutgers back in 2014. But the Elmwood Park (N.J.) star returned as a committed quarterback for the 2016 skills camp. He worked with future teammates like Anthony Folkerts and against others like Ronnie James as the top passer at the event. If Dare visits this year’s camps, it will be as an enrolled freshman.

3. Offensive lineman Manny Taylor -- Taylor caught coach Kyle Flood’s eye during the first Big Man Academy with his basketball background and athleticism. Despite zero varsity experience, Taylor picked up a Rutgers offer and committed shortly thereafter. He returned for the second Big Man Academy for work alongside fellow commit Jonah Jackson. Taylor still has a long way to go as a developing lineman, but he made the most out of his one shot in front of the coaching staff.

2. Wide receiver Dontae Owens -- Rutgers sat in a desperate situation for wide receivers in its class, and Owens came along at the perfect time. The Reading (Pa.) product starred at the second skills camp in 2015 on his way to an offer and quick commitment. Owens moved well, and he made plays against a tough group of defensive backs. He also built the start of a relationship with Dare – his future quarterback.

1. Defensive end Willington Previlon -- With all eyes on Kamaal Seymour heading into the event, Previlon stepped in as one of the most impressive competitors at any 2015 camp. Orange (N.J.) is not a highly recruited area, so Previlon needed an impressive showing to break out. That’s exactly what he did, and he committed on a follow-up visit at the 7-on-7 passing camp with his mother.

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