Flood Expands on Friedgen's Role in 2015

CHICAGO -- Former Rutgers offensive coordinator Ralph Friedgen will be back on campus for part of training camp after he returned as a special assistant to head coach Kyle Flood. Flood expanded on Friedgen's role, including how much time will be spent on campus.

Ralph Friedgen remains involved with the Rutgers program, but make no mistake, the 2015 offensive product belongs to Ben McDaniels.

Head coach Kyle Flood kept Friedgen on as a special assistant after he stepped down in the offseason. Friedgen visited the Scarlet Knights briefly in spring, but the offense remains in McDaniels’ hands.

“Ultimately it comes down to, it’s Ben McDaniels’ offense,” Flood said. “He’s got to put together the offensive system and the offense that uses our play-makers to the best of their abilities. To have somebody like Ralph Friedgen as a resource on your staff is invaluable.”

Friedgen will be back at Rutgers for part of training camp, but most of his assistant role comes in via satellite.

“It won’t be a game-day role,” Flood said. “I think that would be hard. He’s going to come up during training camp. He be there during the season, but he’ll come up and spend some time with us. He’ll do most of his stuff by video, over the phone, give his suggestions, give his observations.”

Friedgen and McDaniels both play a role in the search for Gary Nova’s replacement. Flood said the decision date remains as mid-August – about 10 days into training camp.

“The quarterback position is so vital,” Flood said. “Gary started games for us for four years. He had a tremendous season last year. It’s an important decision that we’re making … Ten days into training camp, we’ve got two players that are playing at a high level.”

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