Rutgers Training Camp Report: Practice 4

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Things got chippy for Rutgers when the team returned Thursday to the practice field. Coach Kyle Flood spoke afterwards about the uptick in emotion, and what that means about a locker room.

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood spoke with the media after a spirited Thursday practice on the field.

The Headline -- The second contact practice brought out the emotion on both sides. Emotion can be good in practice, Flood said, and the occasional fight is not unexpected.

“I’m happy that there’s emotion,” Flood said. “I’m happy that they’re excited to play football. Now we have to harness it in the right direction. You want that. You want the guys playing on an edge. Now we’ve just got to harness it and make sure we’re playing on the right side of that edge.”

Coaches expect altercations, but the trick is to not go too far with it, which is why Flood addressed the Geno Smith injury with his players this week.

“I think, as a coach, you’ve got to take advantage of every teachable moment that there is,” Flood said. “When you hear about a fight in the locker room that results in a broken jaw and one guy getting cut … the result wasn’t good for either party.”

Worth Noting -- Michael Burton is not easily replaced, and it could take two fullbacks and the tight end position to replicate what he did offensively, Flood said.

“I think Sam [Bergen] is going to have a role,” Flood said. “I think Razohnn Gross is going to have a role. I think some of those tight ends are going to have a role. Michael Burton is a special football player and a unique guy at that position.”

Scarlet Report Standout -- Red-shirt freshman DT Eric Wiafe – the defensive line bounced back big today, and Wiafe played a key role. Wiafe led a strong effort against the second-team offensive line. He is in a great position for playing time this season.

Quote of the Day -- “I’ve got a good opportunity right here to come in and play Big Ten football, so I took advantage of the opportunity. I made the right decision. I’m happy with it, and I’m so excited. I just can’t wait. I’m not even near where I want to be. I think it’s just a great fit.”

-- Walk-on tight end Charles Scarff.

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