Transfer Kaiwan Lewis Climbs to First Team LB

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Kaiwan Lewis passed Isaiah Johnson in the Rutgers middle linebacker battle with a solid Monday scrimmage in front of the coaching staff. Lewis spoke about his quick adjustment to Big Ten football and how Rutgers stacks up against past practice partners.

It took Kaiwan Lewis all of seven days in his Rutgers uniform to climb into a first-team role at middle linebacker.

With three years of SEC linebacker experience, the Rutgers transition comes down to terminology. Lewis passed junior college transfer Isaiah Johnson after Saturday’s scrimmage, but is not yet the official replacement for Kevin Snyder.

“I’m an intelligent young guy, so I try to pick up on it as fast as I can,” Lewis said. “Like I said, I’m still learning. By no means do I have everything yet. I’m still learning and picking it up on the fly as I go every day.”

Lewis has experience as an SEC starter. He also faced multiple Big Ten teams during his South Carolina tenure.

How does the Rutgers roster stack up?

“It’s a lot of competition,” Lewis said. “It’s a lot of talent. You’ve got guys on the offense like Leonte [Carroo] and PJ [James] and Keith Lumpkin on the line. It’s the same level of talent.”

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