Rutgers Beard Wars: Muller vs. Gleeson

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Forget the quarterback competition because the biggest battle born in Rutgers training camp is between offensive lineman Chris Muller and punter Tim Gleeson.

Whenever facial hair, charity and football players mix, the only possible result is entertainment.

Facial hair season is three months away, but Rutgers punter Tim Gleeson and offensive lineman Chris Muller are in a full-fledge war with charity money on the line.

“We’re going to see how long we can grow it, and every week is another $5 and we’re going to donate it to the charity of each other’s choice,” Muller said. “Let’s say I would shave after a year, I would owe $260 to Tim to donate to another charity of his choice. … It’s going to be fun, but he’ll cave.”

For Gleeson, a victory means Muller donates cash to the Melanoma Institute in Australia. It’s a cause close to Gleeson’s heart after his father had multiple melanomas removed in his lifetime.

“If I can get people to donate or just raise some money myself, it’s a good cause,” Gleeson said.

Muller is undecided on his charity but breast cancer and testicular cancer research funds are in consideration as well as children’s hospitals.

Gleeson got a head start in the contest, but said he fears the speed at which Muller grows his own facial hair.

“Give him a month and I’m sure he’ll catch up,” Gleeson said. “If you look at that man’s body hair, it’s all over him. I might try to take a few vitamin pills to speed up the process but I’m sure he’ll catch me in no time.”

May the best beard win.

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