BREAKING Kyle Flood Comments on Investigation

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers coach Kyle Flood responded to reported investigation before today's practice. Scout has more on the developing situation.

Kyle Flood Statement -- "Let me start by saying I'm disappointed at the tone of the article that Hasim [Phillips] showed me this morning. I've been the head coach now this is going into my fourth season and I've had a lot of interaction with the teachers on our campus. I think that that article not only insults my integrity but it insults the integrity of our faculty. I've come to realize that our faculty here at Rutgers is beyond reproach and I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. Our faculty are a part of our program. Just as recently as the other day, we had two faculty members at our practice. Any correspondence that I had with a professor in regards to a student athlete would really be of this nature. One, to be in support of whatever decision that faculty member made. And two, to inquire as to whether or not there would be an opportunity to earn a better grade. This practice is not unusual at Rutgers. Many students all over campus receiver what are called 't grades." doing work outside of when the class ends that semester to earn a better grade.""

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