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Leonte Carroo Wants His Record Broken

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers captain Leonte Carroo became the school's all-time touchdown receiver Saturday against Norfolk State, but he wants the record to belong to someone else.

If Leonte Carroo has his way, his school record for receiving touchdowns will be gone by the time Rutgers celebrates 150 years of college football in 2019.

In fact, the less time he holds the record, the better.

“I tell all of the younger guys, I’ve told Jawuan Harris, Dontae Owens, Rashad Blunt, if they don’t break my record, I’ll be disappointed in them,” Carroo said. “… I hope someone breaks it. I hope that there’s a new receiver right after me that can build his resume here and just have continued success. I’m just blessed to be in the record book, period.”

Carroo may want one of his younger teammates to break the record, but he won’t make it easy on them.

“It’s going to be pretty hard because this year, I’m going to set it pretty high,” said Carroo, who caught three touchdowns against Norfolk State. I plan on doing that.”

Carroo broke the all-time receiving record Saturday, and plans to live up to the same standard as other big-time receivers in the record books.

“I’m hoping that people don’t just hear about Leonte Carroo now, they continue to hear about Leonte Carroo in the future like they are for Kenny Britt and Mohamed Sanu,” Carroo said.

Even with a one-half suspension, Carroo made yet another statement when it comes to the best at his position in the Big Ten. He scored on all three catches to go along with 130 yards.

“I’m not satisfied yet, I’m trying to get three more this weekend,” Carroo said. “… If I continue to have that mentality week in and week out it will take care of itself. I’m a guy who, I do want to be the best receiver in the Big Ten. I do want to be the best receiver in the country. With that, I know I have to put in work.”

New starter Chris Laviano remains unavailable for interviews through Monday, so Carroo weighed in on coach Kyle Flood’s decision.

“As a receiver, you know that even though Chris is the starter that doesn’t mean you shy away from Hayden [Rettig],” Carroo said. “You still continue to put work in with him too. You still continue to get reps with both quarterbacks. Whoever is out there, you have a relationship with both of them and you have trust in both of them and they have trust in you to get the job done. At the end of the day, he’s the Rutgers quarterback so he has to get the job done.”

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