Rutgers Board of Governors Meets in Closed Session on Athletics Matters

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. -- The Rutgers Board of Governors met behind closed doors Friday to discuss "athletics matters" while an external investigation into football coach Kyle Flood looms. Scout was on-site with the latest, including comments from president Robert Barchi and faculty union president David Hughes.

The Rutgers Board of Governors met Friday behind closed door for a 110-minute session regarding “athletics matters” as the investigation into football coach Kyle Flood continues.

The meeting took place in Winants Hall on the College Avenue.

“I can simply confirm that the Board of Governors met in closed session to discuss a number of topics that fall under the purview of attorney client privileges, that we had an extensive and robust conversation, that they were fully briefed, and the conversation extended for about an hour and a half,'' said Rutgers president Robert Barchi outside of Winants Hall. "That's really all I can say.''

Barchi did not take further questions on the meeting.

Rutgers AAUP-AFT faculty union president David Hughes requested to speak at the meeting after a resolution passed this week and was denied.

Hughes, who spoke with reporters outside of Winants Hall, called for a more detailed investigation into Flood in order to prevent the alleged events from repeating themselves in the future.

“The administration has to investigate this very thoroughly and in a public way in order to restore the credibility damaged by this incident,” Hughes said.

Hughes, most importantly, clarified his call for the university to act “decisively and publicly to maintain its credibility.”

“Decisive action would be signing a better contract with part-time lecturers,” said Hughes, who did not mean action against Flood or Rutgers football in the faculty resolution. “… For us, we’re not really that concerned with Kyle Flood. Kyle Flood is the symptom of a much larger illness. Having not seen any of the emails, if the emails are made public, there may be something very specific to those emails and specific to Kyle Flood that makes me and the union think that penalties ought to be severe. But I have no idea. All I know is the structure is wrong and the structure has to change.”

Flood remains quiet on the issue to respect the ongoing investigation and university process as the Scarlet Knights prepare for kickoff against Washington State.

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