Knight Lite: Does Rutgers Stretch the Field against Michigan State?

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers quarterback Chris Laviano leads the Big Ten in completion percentage but the Scarlet Knights have not gone deep on their opponents during a 2-2 start. The second-ranked Michigan State Spartans are next up at Rutgers, so is it time to stretch the field with Laviano and his wide receivers?

Rutgers quarterback Chris Laviano leads the Big Ten after completing 72 percent of his passes through four games. But for the 2-2 Scarlet Knights average just 7.9 yards per pass behind Laviano.

The Scarlet Knights host No. 2 Michigan State and one of the top defenses in the conference, and interim coach Norries Wilson said that deeper passes are a part of the game plan. 

"We had some things on the script and the game plan," Wilson said. "There was going to be a downfield throw we were all anticipating and he took his other option on the other side that was wide open. We have nothing against that. Taking completions is a great thing. [Longer passes are] not something that have been unscripted or not practiced. We are not trying to put our passing game in a phone booth. That's just going to limit the things you can do in the run game. Don't think we aren't prepared for that. As we continue to practice, those things will come about."

Scout's Brian Dohn and Sam Hellman discuss.

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