Rutgers DE Quanzell Lambert Seeks Perfection with Extra Hours

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- As a converted middle linebacker, Rutgers defensive end Quanzell Lambert puts in as many hours as possible to hone his craft in the line rotation on game days.

Rutgers football is more than just a time commitment to defensive end Quanzell Lambert, and some late-night hours are a common occurance. Lambert's role on game day goes far beyond his two tackles per game and three quarterback hurries just like his off-the-field work is a lot more than practice.

"Right after the game, you have to get ready for the next one," said Lambert, who admits to late hours at the Hale Center. "There's no time in between where you can slack off or anything."

Lambert spoke 1-on-1 with Scout about his hard work behind the scenes.He also broke down the excitement of a blackout game agaist a top-five opponent.

"That's why I came to Rutgers," Lambert said. "I knew that when I got here and the team they had before I even got here, they were going to do big moves. I took it upon myself. I committed here, and it's been a blessing."

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