Rutgers Coach Kyle Flood Answers Hard Questions in Return from Suspension

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers coach Kyle Flood returned from suspension Monday in his first media session since suspension. Flood addressed a month's worth of tough questions, including the actions that led to his suspension, drugs and his status within the university.

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood is reinstated and back for Indiana, but Saturday never came up in his 13-minute media session. Flood spoke in front of the media for the first time since his suspension and the investigation into improper contact with a Rutgers teacher.

The conversation was not an easy one for Flood, who received a barrage of questions about his suspension. Flood answered questions on a month's worth of ugly headlines, including the Leonte Carroo incident, investigations into the recruiting ambassador program and the alledged drug use referenced by former player Lloyd Terry.

"I feel like I've got an excellent relationship with [president Robert] Barchi," Flood said when asked about his job status. "I'll leave his comments to him to comment on, but I feel fully supported."

Flood did not duck questions, and accepted responsibility for his transgressions. 

"What I would tell you is ultimately what's important is I'm responsible to know the rule," Flood said. "As the head football coach, I'm responsible to know every rule."

The fourth-year Rutgers head coach spent his suspension days in solitude, and felt "helpless," he said.

"I spent the first two by myself watching the game, and then this week's game I spent with my son watching the game," Flood said. "I guess what I would tell you is it's probably the most helpess I've felt in 22 years of coaching -- to be watching your team play. You've been with them all week. You feel like you add value when you're there. And when you can't [be there], you just feel helpless."

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