Rutgers Thursday Practice Report: Darius Hamilton's Role

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers coach Kyle Flood discussed the latest with captain Darius Hamilton's role in the program and final preparations for Saturday's kickoff against Indiana.

The Headline – Captain Darius Hamilton may be out for the season, but he will be as involved as possible with the program and its push for a fourth straight bowl game under coach Kyle Flood.

Hamilton will travel tomorrow to Indiana, and do whatever he can to help out his teammates. Flood also expects him to return for a fifth year.

“We’re looking forward to that for sure, a guy that will be, I would imagine, a three-time captain,” Flood said. “I’d be shocked if he wasn’t. … It’s not an easy guy to replace. You don’t replace a guy of that stature and as a player and as a leader. He’s done an excellent job of continuing to lead in the ways he’s able to lead, so he’s still with us every day and he’s still a visible entity in our program.”

Worth Noting – This week marks the five-year anniversary for Eric LeGrand’s career-ending injury against Army from MetLife Stadium.

“It’s an inspirational person just to be around,” Flood said. “That day in the stadium when we retired his number will be a day that I’ll always remember, a moment that I’ll always remember. There are so many memories that go through my mind thinking back to that day, at the locker room after the game, all of the unknowns, going to see him early on in the process and hearing some of what the predictions were and watching how quickly he was able to overcome them. I think it became very evident to me right away that he was going to be able to overcome this, and he’s done a phenomenal job.”

Quote of the Day – “The medical staff thought he’d have a chance and he wanted to try it, so we said ‘Ok, well this is the game to do it.’ Unfortunately it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to and we had to shut it down.” – Flood and Hamilton’s play against Penn State.

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