Rutgers Basketball Media Day Report

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers basketball hosted its annual media day Tuesday at the RAC where new player additions and scheme changes took center stage in a press conference with head coach Eddie Jordan.

The Headline -- Freshman point guard Corey Sanders was the hot topic for Rutgers at its media day and a high-profile high school career does not earn him any favors at the RAC.

Sanders enters with the same expectations as every other player and, although a projected starter, everything he achieves will be earned.

"There's some flaws that we have to get out of his game," said coach Eddie Jordan. "He jumps a lot when he makes a pass. He's going to get some charges. He's going to turn the ball over. Somebody said when I was coaching Nick Young, it's like lava. It's just pure energy and it's got to turn into a nice piece of rock when it's cooled down and refined when the hot energy is out. He's just raw energy right now and we've got to refine it."

Rutgers signed Sanders in 2015.

"There may be times when people think I'm letting him get away with things, but sometimes you have to let players figure things out themselves," Jordan said. "And there's always the great messenger. The great messenger is a seat to the butt to the brain."

Junior college All-American forward DeShawn Freeman joins Rutgers as the other star addition to the roster.

"For me taking a long time to commit somewhere, I finally chose here," Freeman said. "It took so long and finally I got all of the weight off of my shoulders."

Worth Noting -- Jordan said he is down to seven or eight in his search for a starting lineup, and added that both Bishop Daniels and Greg Lewis are likely starters.

Quote of the Day -- "I'm hoping that when the popcorn is popping that everybody is still playing the same way or even better," Jordan on practice performances.

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