Rutgers Captain, Guard Bishop Daniels Welcomes New Offense

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- As a senior guard, Bishop Daniels shoulders added responsibilities in the transition to a new Rutgers offense. Daniels is one of two team captains and confirmed starters for next week's season opener. He checks in with Scarlet Report about the final days before tipoff.

Like the rest of Rutgers basketball, guard Bishop Daniels likes the move away from the Princeton style. Daniels is the schools' top returning scorer with 8.4 points and two assists per game as a junior college transfer. 

Daniels received early lessons on the new, run-and-gun style and spoke confidently about the change.

"Coach [Eddie] Jordan is putting in an offense that is more free flowing, a lot of pick-and-rolls to create our shots more," Daniels said. "We can do a little bit more. He's letting the guards go a little bit more, so it's easier for us."

Daniels takes on a teacher's role this season with frehsman guard Corey Sanders as a newcomer to the system.

"Me learning the offense since the change last year in the spring of last season, I know a little bit more," Daniels said. "I know the options and I know the reads a little bit more so it's important for me to help everybody else out in getting in their spots, picking their spots when they need to shoot or pass."

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