Monday Rutgers Report: Bowl Battle

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers and coach Kyle Flood are back home after three straight blowout losses. The task this time comes via Nebraska with both teams in need of a victory to keep bowl hopes alive.


The Headline – Rutgers has to win out to become bowl eligible, but the focus has to be elsewhere for the Scarlet Knights to continue their streak.

Coach Kyle Flood and his players know the stakes, but stand by their “1-0” thought process as underdogs against Nebraska.

“I’m sure the players are aware just like I am of what’s on the line,” Flood said. “In terms of your day-to-day operation and your routine, that can’t be part of it.”
After three straight blowout losses, Flood remains confident in his support from university leadership, he said.

“I would tell you this -- after 22 years of coaching. If you’re looking for job security, being a college football coach is probably not the profession you should be looking for,” Flood said. “This is a high-performance industry. I think everybody gets into it with open eyes. And I don’t feel that way. I feel fully supported by the administration here at Rutgers.”

Worth Noting – Flood said the decision to play true freshman Dontae Owens during game nine comes down to his value for the final quarter of the season.

“As a football program, it’s important that we’re always putting the players on the field that give us the best chance to win,” Flood said. “We felt like Dontae did that. We like the way he’s progressed. He hasn’t been healthy the whole year, but we felt at this point with our depth situation and a third of the season left to play, it was important that we start the process of playing him. His career, as we go forward, is going to be better for it.”

Quote of the Day – “It’s on me. I am the quarterback. I am responsible for those kind of things. I think a lot of times that happens when guys are not confident or not confident in the call or whatever. We’ll straighten that out. It’s been frustrating but we’re just going to have to learn from it at this point and make sure it doesn’t happen.” – Quarterback Chris Laviano on snap problems.

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