Why Rutgers Freshman Phenom Corey Sanders Loves Road Games

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Corey Sanders loves road games, and he leads Rutgers on a big one Thursday at St. John's. Sanders spoke 1-on-1 with Scarlet Report about why he likes the road and how he finds motivation.

Corey Sanders knows how to get a pop from the home crowd, but he prefers to silence the competition. Sanders and his Rutgers teammates brought some excitement to the RAC in a Sunday win over Howard, and take the show on the road Thursday at St. John's.

Sanders scored 15 points in his debut, and cannot wait for his first college road game.

"Road games are really my favorite," Sanders said. "I love silencing the home-court crowd. I love going against other people’s fans and stuff like that, so it’s good."

Sanders is set for his first game in New York since an electric showing at the historic Rucker Park in high school.

Rutgers (2-0) looks at Thursday's game at St. John's as the first opportunity to showcase the new Scarlet Knights on a bigger stage.

"We’re hard-working kids," Sanders said. "We get it done on and off the court. We’re regular kids, but we’re trying to get things done like everybody else. Everybody here is a family. We’re all working as one. We work for each other. We’re close-nit. They probably don’t know that, but that’s what we’re trying to show with how we play our style of basketball."

 Coach Eddie Jordan called for better play in the final minutes, and Sanders took the message to heart during practice.

"Coach always brings up how the last two minutes are the most crucial, especially for me," he said. "I have to make sure I run the team and make sure everything is going well. He’s been putting things in for the last two minutes, and he’s really been on me about how I’m supposed to lead this team the last two minutes. Coach Shoes (assistant coach Greg Vetrone) has said the same thing."


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