A Very Muller Thanksgiving

Chris Muller spoke with Scarlet Report this week about plans to open his home to many Rutgers teammates for Thanksgiving. As an offensive lineman, Muller knows how to get into the spirit of the holiday.

Junior Chris Muller looks like a man that enjoys his Thanksgiving dinner, and he confirmed that in a conversation with Scarlet Report. Muller and his family take the holidays seriously, and they happily open their home today to many Rutgers players without a table for Thanksgiving dinner.

 There is a party in Perkiomenville, Pa., and plenty of Rutgers football players are invited. The Muller family made it a tradition early to make the holidays special and today is no different.

After a morning walkthrough, Muller and other Rutgers football players including Australian punter Tim Gleeson and California quarterback Hayden Rettig are headed to Pennsylvania for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Muller spoke with Scarlet Report about his holiday plans and more during the build-up to kickoff against Maryland.

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