Rutgers Coach Kyle Flood Stays Publicly Confident in Job Status

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- After a 21-point collapse to Maryland and 4-8 finish to a tumultuous 2015 season, Rutgers coach Kyle Flood remained publicly confident in his job status in interactions with the media. Flood fell to Maryland 46-41 to end his season and eliminated a bowl opportunity.

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood entered Saturday on rocky ground and did not help himself with a 21-point blown lead and loss to Maryland. After the 46-41 loss, Flood spoke publicly with confidence about where he stands.

"I haven't spoken to anybody in the university," Flood said. "Nobody has given me any indication that I wouldn't be the football coach. I get those questions, Steve, and I think the shame of those type of questions is they lead other people to believe that there's some question about it. To my knowledge, there's no question about it. I'm the head football coach, been here for four years now. We've won the only conference championship in the history of this program. We've won the only Lambert Cup in the history of this program, and we've gone to three bowl games in four years, and I fully expect to be the head coach here for a long time.

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