Quentin Gause Goes Out as a Leader for Rutgers Football

Quentin Gause took his role as a Rutgers captain very seriously, and it will be no different when it comes to his transition into the NFL.

Quentin Gause may be gone but he will not be forgotten at Rutgers any time soon. Gause took his role as a captain seriously in 2015, and sees it as a lifetime role for his former college.

Gause, who is back home in Rochester, N.Y. after the end of his academic semester, delivered a loyal message to new coach Chris Ash on his way out.

“After the [introductory] press conference was over, I waited outside the door just to say hello to him,” Gause said. “I shook his hand and let him know I’m here for support. I can come back to the program any time and talk to the guys or anything. I’m always here for support. That was pretty much it. It was a short conversation but I plan to talk to him more.”

Ash has a primarily unproven linebacker group for 2016 but the young players are already in the film room. Gause made himself available for some last-minute studies before he left campus.

“He has some real dogs in the linebacker room,” Gause said. “We’ve got guys that are young but they’re smart. They’ve prepared well. They have great work ethic. I love those guys in there. They do their thing. I’ve seen them already sitting in the film room watching some Ohio State defense. They don’t know exactly what to learn yet but they’re learning some concepts. They want to be better. They want to be hungry.”

Gause is equally interested in Ash’s vision for the Rutgers offense with younger brother Joseph Gause headed into his second season at wide receiver.

“I’m interested to see the new offense that’s put in and I’m interested to see the new defense as well,” Gause said. “I know my little brother is going to make a statement. He’s ready to go and do his thing. I’m excited for him. He had to adjust to college at first but now he grew into things.”

Gause recorded 223 tackles and 27.5 TFLs during his career as an outside linebacker. He set his sights next on the NFL after he excelled as both an intern and student in the Rutgers journalism and media studies program.

“It’s awesome to get my degree and I’m proud of the work I accomplished but it feels kind of weird at the same time,” Gause said. “I’ve been so attached to Rutgers for so long but now I do feel prepared. I’ve gotten the tools that I need to go out and take on the world.”

Before he reports to Parabolic in Farmingdale, N.J. on Jan. 4, however, the Gause family makes up for four years of missed time together.

“Right now it’s spending time with the family because I really didn’t get to spend time with them at all,” Gause said. “I missed four Christmases with them and a lot of Thanksgiving. I’m spending time with my family.”

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