Effort, injuries Doom Rutgers Vs. Nebraska in Worst Home Loss of Season

It was not a final score as much as it was poor effort that bothered Rutgers coach Eddie Jordan after the worst home loss of the 2015-16 season. The third-year head coach addressed the lack of effort and latest injury concerns after a 90-56 home loss to Nebraska.

Opening statement: "Very tough loss. There were moments in the game when I was very disappointed with some of our effort. That hasn't happened all year, pretty much. We were going to have off tomorrow, but we'll come in and do some things, watch some film and stay together. We will reiterate to them how important effort and harmony is. Greg (Lewis) is hurting now. His knee is really hurting him. We have to rest him. Hopefully not long, but it could be long - we'll see."
On message to the team: "It is not the numbers, it is the effort. After a while you don't play to the score or the time when you're down so much. You have to play with effort and discipline. There was one time when the kid drives all the way, and I told the team it was probably the worst play since I've been here as far as not giving effort or being alert, whatever the case may be. We'll snap out of it. I told the team when you're fighting as a small, Mike Williams and Justin Goode and Bishop Daniels trying to block off 6-7, 6-8 guys who are over a 100 pounds heavier than they are, somewhat, and you keep boxing out, but they are too strong and get you under the rim, it becomes demoralizing as an athlete. You still give effort, but there comes a time when it is hard to overcome. It screws with your psyche and it affects some of your ability to give effort. There is no excuse, but that can happen in an athletic competition. When you're small like we are, there can be some demoralizing moments. That's what you saw today."
On Greg Lewis possibly missing game time: "Yes."
Injury update: "I am hoping Jonathan (Laurent) returns by Wednesday."
On the 1975-76 reunion: "We have been together. This was for the Rutgers community. We have been together many times, but wanted to take the picture and do the ceremony.  It means a lot. It was good to see the guys, but we always talk. It wasn't like this was the first time we came together in 40 years."
On being worries about the upcoming schedule: "I am not worried. It is a challenge. As a coach, you beat your brains in and try to figure out at one o'clock, two, three, four o'clock what can you say, what can do, what can you add. Or how to tweak this or that. It is a challenge, but you go out and see if some of it helps and works. But there comes a time, in the back of my mind, that this is a learning year. Our fans have to understand that. I am glad we didn't have a whole lot of negative reaction from our fans, there was some, but that is understandable. I hope our fans understand where we are. We are a young team and coming back with everybody healthy and with some new recruits. It is a learning year."

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