Rutgers Assistant Bill Busch Back w/ DBs After Quality Control Year at Ohio State

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- New Rutgers assistant Bill Busch scratches his on-field coaching itch this year after the defensive back veteran spent 2015 in the meeting rooms in a quality control role at Ohio State.


The 2015 season was quite the change for new Rutgers defensive backs coach Bill Busch. A full-time football coach since 1995 and former associate head coach at Utah State, quality control was uncharted territory.

Busch was not an on-field coach for the first time since his career began in 1989. He worked under Urban Meyer at Ohio State as a quality control coach. And more importantly, he built a relationship with coach Chris Ash.

“Everything is just project work off the field and I spent time with coach Ash every day,” Busch said. “That was all in the meeting room. Not coaching for the first time in 20-some years was brutal but at the same time extremely educational. It really helped a lot to step back and see.”

The step back from on-field work expanded Busch’s knowledge base but the return to the field as Rutgers defensive backs coach is a welcome one.

“[Quality control] is one of those terms that covers everything,” Busch said. “Quality control is you’re not coaching on the field. I didn’t do any coaching on the field. I spent the majority of my time on off-field projects and being a game ahead type of thing and researching who we play in the future.”

Ash hired Busch based on their Ohio State experience and a mutual mindset.

“Our philosophies are dead on. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here,” Busch said. “We talked football every day for a long period of time.”

Busch spent his initial Rutgers days on the phone with recruits and behind the scenes where he settled in at the Hale Center.

“There are so many little administrative things you have to get done when you get hired at a major university,” said Busch, who spent previous stops at Ohio State, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Utah. “We had to deal with some of those things. We had to deal with trying to figure out where you live. … The rest of the time, to be honest with you, is all on recruiting. It’s been on recruiting players, making sure we’re in contact with them, make sure they’re set and all of that stuff – all recruiting, all recruiting, that’s all we’re doing. That’s all we do day and night is recruiting.”



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