Watch Eddie Jordan Postgame After 107-57 Loss to Purdue

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers coach Eddie Jordan fields questions after a 107-57 loss to No. 22 Purdue, which makes six in a row. Jordan discussed the worst home loss in RAC history and his team's effort with Iowa up next.

Eddie Jordan Opening Statement:

“Give head coach Matt Painter credit. They have good size and great talent, good size inside and on the perimeter. They’re going to go places. My hats off to how they play and they came in and took care of business early. I thought that we had some good looks early. You knock a couple of those down and if you don’t allow an eight-point swing, we missed two layups and they got one offensive rebound and cut behind us. We could have controlled the game a little bit more. We had some guys miss some layups, we missed open shots. They got some cuts and easy baskets at the rim. They just kept going from there.”


On the team’s defensive effort:

“There were a couple of instances where we gave up layups. That’s going to happen. You just have to get them back in and reaffirm what you’re trying to do. Tell them that this is important to them and that you don’t give up layups and open shots and don’t take bad shots. You enforce that with a timeout or next time you’re in the huddle. I thought we fought. We’re small and we fought. There were some block outs we didn’t have, but once you look at the film I bet you they just went over the top on some of them.”


On the team’s fight down the stretch:

“You keep fighting no matter what the score is. It builds up resiliency and toughness. Corey is learning what Division I basketball is all about. Jonathan Laurent is learning what Division I basketball is. That’s important. They’re the core of our young group moving forward.”


“We didn’t give up tonight. Sometimes it appears that way. They had a center that knocked down two three pointers. What are you going to do against that? They have something going good and that’s not his game. Our center is not coming out to guard that no matter what the score is. Our team is not giving up. I say it because it’s the truth. I’d be the first one to say it if they were giving up, believe me.”


On moving on from the loss:

“Classes start tomorrow. That’s important. Go to class and be on time. Life continues. Go to practice, be on time and we’ll work on some things. I can’t give them toughness. There were some plays where we weren’t proactive physically enough. I tell our guys that we have to hit first. It’s going to hurt, but it hurts less when you hit first.”

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