Jonathan Laurent's Return Sparks Improvement Despite Loss to No. 9 Iowa

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers upped the intensity when Eddie Jordan appealed to the player's pride after a 50-point home loss and the result was a solid albeit losing showing against No. 9 Iowa. Rutgers pushed the Hawkyes and held multiple leads thanks to a spark from Jonathan Laurent in his return from concussion.

Rutgers Head Coach Eddie Jordan Postgame Quotes


Opening Statement: “I was proud of my team tonight. The last thing we wrote on the whiteboard in pregame was ‘pride.’ We played with a lot of pride for forty ticks. I’m proud of my team. I’m glad that we had this performance, not withstanding the score.”


On the team’s response: “It started (Tuesday) in practice. We talked about things. What’s important is that you learn from every game. You can still see the growth in Corey Sanders. How he plays defense, how he finds people in the paint. He’s got good passing skills. Our guys fought defensively. We rebounded well. I’m proud of the way we played tonight.”


On the return of Jonathan Laurent: “That was huge. And he’s coming back as the backup center. That’s where we are right now. We missed him. He started off as a backup small forward and he could possibly have been the starting small forward. But he’s coming in as a backup center. So we’re still missing those bigs. But his presence helped us. He gives us good athleticism. He’s good knack for scoring around the basket. He defends every position. We’re happy to have him back.”


On Iowa: “They’ve been together. They are learning every game, just like we are going to learn every game. They have a rhythm to how they play. They play random basketball - in a good sense. They just know how to play with each other and cut and look for each other. They look inside for post-ups, they see mismatches, they see one-on-one opportunities. They just know how to play together. Like the Wisconsin team last year, they are very similar.”

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