QB Tylin Oden Ready for Signing Day after Rutgers Official Visit

After more details about the offense and educational opportunities at Rutgers, quarterback commit Tylin Oden explains why he is ready to sign his National Letter of Intent.

Columbia (Tenn.) Spring Hill quarterback Tylin Oden only felt stronger about his future at Rutgers after his first weekend in New Jersey.

Oden was familiar with Rutgers since his junior season but never visited campus before his mid-week verbal commitment to coach Chris Ash. The three-star dual-threat quarterback built comfort during his first 48 hours at Rutgers alongside his mother.

“I’m more comfortable than ever,” he said. “I don’t plan on switching or changing anything. I plan on signing on the dotted line this Wednesday to Rutgers. … I learned more details about the offense but probably the thing that stood out the most was just how nice people were in New Jersey. The rumors that I hear down here saying people from up north are rude, it’s very untrue. It was nothing but nice people up there.”

Oden wore his recruiter hat throughout the weekend with two committed wide receivers on campus but on the fence with other options.

Receivers Taysir Mack (New York) and Isaiah Wright (Connecticut) became goals for the future Rutgers quarterback.

“I wouldn’t use the word recruit,” he said. “I would just say I was myself around them. I’m giving off an energy that says I’m comfortable here. I like it here. I’m chill here, and I think you should be there. I’m not saying that, I’m letting them know based off body language.”

Oden received the same consistent message about his chances to play early at Rutgers. He also received the same details from coordinator and quarterbacks coach Drew Mehringer about a shotgun, power-spread attack that fits his skillset. Oden looks forward to a no-huddle assault.

“I’m the type of player where I have to get into a rhythm,” he said. “I have to go quick. I don’t like going into spans of time where I wait a minute or so to do the next thing. I like to go. Boom, next thing, next thing, then get into a roll.”

The Rutgers engineering program received a commitment this weekend as well in the aspiring quarterback.

“I learned that the engineering school at Rutgers is spoken about well,” Oden said. “People had really good things to say about the engineering school. Not only getting the education from Rutgers helps me for life after football, but being in that area of the United States, everything is there. There are a lot of networks and avenues there for me.”

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