Triple OT Stunner Extends Rutgers Basketball Losing Streak

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers basketball, and a near-triple double in 51 minutes for Corey Sanders was not enough to overcome Illinois in triple overtime. The Scarlet Knights, despite a jaw-dropping shot by Sanders, fell 110-101 at the RAC.

Eddie Jordan Post-Game Quotes


Opening Statement: “I thought it was a game our fans really got in to. Our fans helped a lot. We didn’t get the “W”. A lot of good things happened and we’re proud of our guys. Some individual performances were magnificent, but we need everyone, our top seven guys to play at a high level and we didn’t get that again. In order to get a win in this league, all seven guys have to play at the highest level.”

On finishing the game: “I’d like to see more organized possessions coming down the stretch, but again, basketball is putting the ball in your best player’s hands and we did that mostly with Corey. He made a lot of good things happen for us, but as a freshman, he’s going to miss steps on possessions and some play making, but that’s ok. That’s the process of learning. I think we missed Mike Williams down the stretch in the last part of overtime. We needed everyone to play well and we didn’t get it.”

On the team’s mental toughness: “Everyone had mental toughness. Greg played on one leg. I like the way we started. We started with the lineup that we thought we were going to have at the beginning of the season. D.J. at the four, Greg at the five, Jonathan at three and then Corey and Mike.  So we had a good start. Again, when we’re making subs, we only have one big, so we had to go small again. But for the most part, we played pretty well and I’m proud of them.”

On how he felt after Corey’s overtime three-pointer: “You read your players. They came back to the bench and they were jacked up. Everyone was excited. I didn’t look at the other bench, but you look to see if they’re despondent. I don’t know if they were, I guess they weren’t. John [Groce] does a good job with them. But I’m glad for our fans and our team that we got excited again when things like that happen for us.”

On Corey’s play (freshman-record 39 points, 12 assists, eight rebounds and team-high 51 minutes): “He was magnificent. He was good. He’s alert; he’s looking at me to see what the next set of play calls we should make. Eventually, he’s going to do that on his own. He just balled out tonight. He was fantastic.”

On the rebounding effort: “Rebounding was good. It was very solid. They were small. They have one big, we have one big, so we sort of matched against each other well with the injuries and the depleted roster. I said before the game that the team who was going to give the best effort and didn’t turn over the ball was going to win the game.”

On the play of Illinois’ Malcolm Hill (32 points, 14 rebounds, five assists): “He’s a real good player. He has good, sound up-tempo about himself and gets the ball and looks for his teammates. He’s got a nice shot, he can drive up and pull, so you can just see experience written all over him. He’s a type of guy who’s like Corey for us. But Corey’s a freshman and when they put the ball in Hill’s hands, they make things happen.”


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