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Marquise Liverpool (WR/DB, 5'9"-190lbs, 4.4 forty) from Don Bosco High School (Ramapo, NJ) is one of the best skill players in New Jersey. His combination of quickness and speed gives him the versatility to play either DB or WR on the collegiate level.

Who has offered him?

Currently, Liverpool has 14 scholarship offers. Some of the schools that has offered him are Tennessee, Syracuse, Rutgers, Virginia, USC, Boston College, Purdue, West Virginia, Connecticut, Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Nebraska.

Who are his favorites?

He stated his favorites, in no order, as Boston College, Virginia, USC, Rutgers, and Tennessee.

The last time I spoke to Liverpool, he was favoring UVa. However, he stated that he has no favorites and all of his top 5 schools are equal.

Does the commitment of Mike Teel to Rutgers effect your decision?

He stated that he is happy for Mike. However, he will have to make his decision independent of any of his teammates.

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