NFL Combine Spotlight: Linebacker Steve Longa

INDIANAPOLIS -- The next step in linebacker Steve Longa's football journey took place Saturday at the 2016 NFL Combine. The former Rutgers and Saddle Brook (N.J.) star spoke with the media Saturday about his unique path to the draft.



Former Rutgers linebacker Steve Longa was well prepared Saturday afternoon for the media portions of his NFL Combine experience. Longa was a frequent spokesperson during his time as an impact Rutgers linebacker, so there was comfort in front of the press in Indianapolis.

Longa spoke on a variety of topics, including the moment at Rutgers when he realized he had NFL potential.

“When did I realize I was getting good? I realized I had a shot my junior year in high school,” Longa said. “I realized I was good about a year-and-a-half ago – Michigan State 2014. That’s when I realized I was good.”

Longa specifically credited former Rutgers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant Bob Fraser for his development.

“I’m always open to criticism,” Longa said. “I went to my coach every day and watched film with him, not because I didn’t know football or I wasn’t playing good enough, because I want to be the best. I want to learn the game.”


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