Eddie Jordan Talks Hotseat and Streak Snap after Victory Over Minnesota

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers coach Eddie Jordan received questions about the hotseat after his team's 75-52 victory over Minnesota and spoke about his vision of improvements within the program. The victory for Rutgers ends a 17-game losing streak and prevents a winless Big Ten season.

Opening Statement: Happy for the W, obviously and proud of my guys…the game plan was to pick up and put pressure on them and we knew they were out with smalls and their ball handlers and we wanted to take advantage of that but at the same time they were big and athletic and we had to rebound and we did all the things that we wanted to do coming out.


On what this win meant for the seniors: Yeah it meant a lot to get a win at home after struggling through our season that we have had. I am happy for Greg. He does more than what the stat sheet shows every day, every game, every practice so his contributions to this program and our university with integrity and really hard work is a tribute to his character.


On being surprised how easy this win was: No. Was I surprised? It wasn’t easy. You work hard to make things easy and that is what we did. It is just an example of a team that has been short handed and they have been going through it for three games, we have been going through it for 23 games so that is what happens. I thought we have done a great service to our program for what we have done being short handed the way we were and we were short handed with big people in a big league and we gave great effort and we were competing at a high level for us so I am proud of what we have gone through. The Ws and Ls [don’t] measure what we have done.


On Mike William’s big game: Yeah pretty big game. We hoped he could do that for more games up to this point but he is coming off the bench and again, he and Corey have a good relationship --- a good partnership I should say. When he and Corey are together then they do a good job --- Mike has a good look at the basket and has good rhythm jump shots, when he can get to the basket on some drives it helps but it is a good relationship and when Mike is out there with Corey he does well.


On gaining momentum going into the Big Ten Tournament: We practice hard everyday and our kids they listen and do everything we ask of them so we have momentum every day. We don’t have bad days and we are not slouching, we are not discouraged. We have great character kids and that is part of what I was put in this position to do --- to bring integrity back to the program , to pick kids who graduate, all four of our seniors are graduating. Two graduated and two will graduate, one with honors and deans list. We have a good young core of players coming back so I am proud of what we have done as far as putting this program back on its feet.

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