Recruiting Changes After LB Paul Theobald's Rutgers Trip

West Orange (N.J.) Seton Hall Prep linebacker Paul Theobald had a clear leader in mind going into today’s Rutgers unofficial visit. Was that still the case after a full day on campus?

Boston College no longer leads for West Orange (N.J.) Seton Hall Prep linebacker Paul Theobald's services. The Eagles remain high, but sit on even footing with Rutgers after he saw a Scarlet Knight practice.

Theobald’s father joined him for the first time on campus Saturday, and the visit closed the gap.

“I wouldn’t say that Boston College is a definite leader now,” Theobald said. “I really liked everything I saw today at Rutgers, so I wouldn’t put a leader on anything now after today’s visit.”

Head coach Chris Ash, defensive coordinator Jay Niemann and safeties coach Bill Busch connected with Theobald during the visit.

“My dad and coach Busch had a couple of laughs, so that was nice to see,” Theobald said. “Coach Niemann and coach Ash really liked him. He felt the same way about it that I did, loved the intensity, loved the environment.

“… Coach Niemann and coach Ash were saying they were obviously light on linebackers and they don’t have that many people to fill the spots. That was an area they were struggling on coming into this year and they said they would love to see me come in and play as much as I can.”

The three-hour practice session included 20 scrimmage drives, and plenty of chances to see linebackers in action.

“They all seemed like they really wanted to make each other better,” Theobald said. “They seemed like they were a bunch of young guys that were trying to share the field together. I think they’ll be fine with coach Niemann coaching them up a little bit.”

Busch explained the academic networking opportunities at Rutgers, and a conversation with the linebackers was memorable.

“Me and my dad sat with three or four of the linebackers,” Theobald said. “They seemed like great guys. One of them was from Florida (Brandon Russell), and he loved everything. He had his car up there. He basically said there’s a bunch of different stuff to do around Rutgers in that aspect.”

Northwestern, Penn State, Boston College and Rutgers will be at Seton Hall Prep during the spring evaluation period. Theobald has no other visits planned or a formal decision date.

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