CoachSpeak: Scouting Micah Clark and Jamaal Beaty

Holmedl (N.J.) St. John Vianney offensive line coach Jason Wombough breaks down two major commitments to Rutgers football -- Micah Clark and Jamaal Beaty.

Rutgers did not just land the top offensive tackle in the east Tuesday afternoon. The Scarlet Knights and head coach Chris Ash landed two players with bright futures, said Holmdel (N.J.) St. John Vianney offensive line coach Jason Wombough.

Micah Clark comes with his own accolades, but brother Jamaal Beaty can be equally dangerous in the Big Ten.

“When I came over to St. John Vianny (last year), there was a big buzz about Micah and we knew he was a big-time player,” Wombough said. “With his step brother, he was just as good of a football player. He was explosive. He can move well. His footwork is strong, but sometimes, I think he was in Micah’s shadow, so for him to get that offer from Rutgers and have his own spotlight is huge for him. It’s eye opening for him.”

Clark represents New Jersey’s top prospect in 2017, and if the rankings and commitment holds, represents the first No. 1 Jersey player headed to Rutgers since Darius Hamilton.

“With Micah being the high profile athlete that he is, it’s a great thing for New Jersey for him to be able to represent our state,” Wombough said. “Micah had so many different choices, and he chose to stay home. It says a lot about what coach Ash and his staff are doing over there. For a young man to recognize that shows maturity.”

Clark and Beatty are inseperable at times, and that bond should translate into a strong on-field chemistry for offensive line coach AJ Blazek, Wombough said.

“They’re tight,” he said. “They do everything together. They’re brothers. It’s a very bright future for both. They’re both explosive football players that can move well laterally and get down field to make blocks on the next level. Footwork is key when you’re running spread stuff. Being able to be big and phsycaial enough to run inside, they’re great athletes.”

Improvement in the weight room is the next step for both as they mature into college players.

“Having Kenny Parker there as they grow and mature makes the sky the limit for them,” Wombough said. “Both of them, to maintain blocks, need to improve upper body strength. The footwork will continue to grow as they continue to work on it. Both of those guys can be very effective, elite football players if they continue to work hard.”

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