Back on the Market: Frank Darby Opens Up on Recruiting, Where Rutgers Stands

Jersey City (N.J.) Lincoln wide receiver Frank Darby received an immediate visit from Rutgers after he returned home from a visit to Iowa. Darby's next trip will be at Rutgers, and he spoke with Scarlet Report about the when he arrives for an official visit and what he needs to see.

Rutgers sits in the top five for Jersey City (N.J.) Lincoln wide receiver Frank Darby after the Scarlet Knights made him a priority. In the wake of Darby’s de-commitment from Iowa, Rutgers wide receivers coach Jafar Williams was the first one in the door when school let out Monday afternoon.

Darby wants to sign with a school that is serious about him, and Rutgers made a good first impression.

“It was really excited to see them because they have a spot still for me,” Darby said. “They need to prove that they’re really serious about me, and it’s good so far. I don’t like when people mess me around or tell me something and don’t really mean it. I want them to be honest with me, how everything will go with me and what I need to do.”

Darby officially visits Rutgers this weekend, starting Friday.

“I’m very excited,” he said. “I’m going to see how Rutgers is. I’ve never actually been to the campus before, just the stadium and came back home. I’ve never gotten the full effect of Rutgers.”

Early contact with Rutgers is positive for Darby, who said the Scarlet Knights are the only school so far to jump into the picture.

“There are a lot of changes,” he said. “They’re throwing the ball a lot. The whole coaching staff and the organization is different. The head coach loves me. Everybody wants me to be a part of their team over there.”

Darby hopes to select multiple schools for visits before a final college decision. The separation from Iowa was not easy, but Darby looks forward to round two in recruiting.

“I love the process,” he said. “It brings joy to me that college coaches are there to talk to me and want me as a part of their team.”

Education played a role in Darby’s de-commitment from Iowa, but it is something he takes seriously.

“Right now, I’m looking for a school where I’m going to get a great education and play football to the best of my ability,” Darby said. “I’m getting my degree. Education is really important to me. Football isn’t going to be forever, so I’m going to have a degree to carry with me and make me successful in the future.”


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